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Pseudoraptor Mk.2 by Abiogenisis Pseudoraptor Mk.2 :iconabiogenisis:Abiogenisis 1,920 166 Astrobiology by letterse7en Astrobiology :iconletterse7en:letterse7en 6 8 The Shadow of the Sun by Abiogenisis The Shadow of the Sun :iconabiogenisis:Abiogenisis 7,711 749 Weird animal by mythori Weird animal :iconmythori:mythori 64 63 Quadra by A-Aggregate Quadra :icona-aggregate:A-Aggregate 13 5 Alien Plant Thing Sketch by chadracine Alien Plant Thing Sketch :iconchadracine:chadracine 3 2 Bioblimp by Abiogenisis Bioblimp :iconabiogenisis:Abiogenisis 868 89 Alien Animal Sketch 1 by Saxophlutist Alien Animal Sketch 1 :iconsaxophlutist:Saxophlutist 9 5


Xenobiology Group Charter

The group #Xenobiology-Club is a hub for and a collective gallery of deviants who are interested in that subset of speculative fiction that comprehends the development of hypothetical extrasolar worlds and their biological denizens according to current scientific knowledge.

- The Rules -

Be sure to read the text below twice. If you have any questions or suggestions about the rules, feel free to drop a group note with the pertinent subject.

How to Join

:bulletred: Go over your gallery and select one or more representative finished works in theme with xenobiology. These works can be in any relatively clean media or style that represents concepts accurately.
Invites are irrelevant to this process: this option will be used to query deviants who change accounts if they want to keep their membership.
:bulletred: Clicking the "Join Us" button a comment prompt will appear. You must place there the links to the deviations you chose. Joining requests without these links will be declined. Valid requests will be reviewed by one of the Group's moderators.

   NB: The Group moderators, as they are, for all intents and purposes, ignorant of your alien design background (even if they know you personally), expect the works put up for appraisal to show such background clearly.
Xenobiology is meant to present, in an at least somewhat plausible fashion, scientifically-based alien life. That does not mean that your alien designs must adhere strictly to scientific equations and laws, but they must exhibit some degree of thought. Reiterating, the aliens need to be plausible.
Artists with all levels of expertise are welcome though we expect your submissions to be the overall best you can make at a given time.

:bulletred: If your joining request is declined, feel free to try again with new work, thought we do expect any advice given before not to go unheeded.
:bulletred: If your request is accepted you may submit any number of deviations including those linked in the joining request to the Group gallery with the limitation of one (1) submission per day. You may at any time request that old submissions be removed from the gallery. No favourites will be awarded either to club members or non-members. Submissions that do not comply will be declined.
:bulletred: The Group would appreciate that its members would also help publicizing the Group either by adding the Groups widget to their profile or placing the name or icon of Xenobiology-Club on their journal or comment signature.

Deviations with any the following characteristics will not be accepted for any of the previous points:
  :bulletblue: Scraps. It should go without saying but we don’t go over your scraps gallery.
  :bulletblue: Traditional works that show little or no posterior digital processing to clean extraneous lines, smudges, spots, stray objects caught in the scan. Clearly little or no contrast correction to images and digitally reassembled work that shows the seams clearly will have them turned down also.
  :bulletblue: Any work that shows signs of having reused photographical material, altered or not, without any clear indication that either you are the owner of the material, that you secured the rights to use that material or, finally, that the creator of the material waived all interest in the material. The Group moderators are not interested in the ruckus caused when you get caught.
  :bulletblue: Photographs of kit models, or any model that was not self made, for that matter. Original is the operative adjective here.
  :bulletblue: Fanart in any kind or form. While we all are inspired by the beautiful art done by professional alien designers, the group moderators would rather see original interpretations. Fanart can be generally defined as blatant imitation or homages to other persons' work. This includes every science fiction franchise in existence.
  :bulletblue: Humanoid alien designs are not allowed. These aliens can be characterized as any aliens that have two arms, two legs, and an upright stance. They are rife in many science fiction franchises including television series. This may have something to do with the fact that it's easier to put some make-up on a human than it is to design animatronic extraterrestrials.

Group Affiliation

Groups that want to affiliate with Xenobiology-Club should have similar scientific and artistic standards. This will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

IMPORTANT: The moderators' judgement has priority over the text above. Any changes to these rules are made without further notice and are retroactive.


My unreserved apologies to all for the unconscionable neglect in maintaining the group. I can only allege more important matters regarding personal life coming to the fore and trying to balance that with other activities: my own development as an artist, and being webmaster over at Palaeos.

That said, right at the start of the admin log I notice the same obliviousness by prospective members that had me rather avoid going over the log at Paleoartists. See "Meanwhile at the Paleoartists Group..." for further context on that situation.
The point however is simple: I can't quite understand how people miss the widget with the rules on the Group's profile when one would think that it would be reasonable to try and ascertain if this group, beyond the name, is within the scope of a person's interests.

In any case, as with the other group mentioned, all expired requests to join will be considered valid provided they link to an example of that person's work within the group's theme. If you are approved, send the request again so things can be officialized.

Once more, thank you very much for your patience.
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Xenobiology-Club Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2008
Your portfolio does contain some aliens that would suffice. Link me to the ones that you want uploaded and I'll add you as a member.
OrzhovSlodier Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2008
i would join, but i can't draw at all.
ART5EC Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you are interested in speculative biology (such as exobiology/xenobiology) and would like a place to discuss that interest, then feel free to join Speculative Evolution ([link]), created by :icondromornis:
roxannababe Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2008
Xenobiology is one of my top interests!
Zelos88 Featured By Owner May 1, 2008
how well do you understand biology, chemistry and physics? =/ geology, climatology, astrophysics?
roxannababe Featured By Owner May 1, 2008
Well i got a decent understanding....
Zelos88 Featured By Owner May 1, 2008
ART5EC Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought about joining this club, but I found a bit of a problem...You said no humanoid aliens and designated humanoid as two arms, two legs, and an upright stance. But my main alien, the Zoasapian ([link] & [link]) match that description, but are also technically not "humanoid". What are your thoughts on this conflict?
Xenobiology-Club Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2008
I like to encourage creativity in alien design. Creatures that fit the humanoid typology I layed out (two arms, two legs, and an upright stance) are rather rare in nature apart from humans themselves and perhaps our closest relatives. Therefore, it doesn't seem very likely that many creatures on another planet would follow our unique design plan. One of my biggest problems is that humanoid aliens are far too common in fiction to be reasonable based on the diversity we see on Earth. I'm sorry, but your Zoasapien is too humanoid by the stated standards. You can still submit other, non-humanoid designs if you wish.
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