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My unreserved apologies to all for the unconscionable neglect in maintaining the group. I can only allege more important matters regarding personal life coming to the fore and trying to balance that with other activities: my own development as an artist, and being webmaster over at Palaeos.

That said, right at the start of the admin log I notice the same obliviousness by prospective members that had me rather avoid going over the log at Paleoartists. See "Meanwhile at the Paleoartists Group..." for further context on that situation.
The point however is simple: I can't quite understand how people miss the widget with the rules on the Group's profile when one would think that it would be reasonable to try and ascertain if this group, beyond the name, is within the scope of a person's interests.

In any case, as with the other group mentioned, all expired requests to join will be considered valid provided they link to an example of that person's work within the group's theme. If you are approved, send the request again so things can be officialized.

Once more, thank you very much for your patience.
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July 22, 2015


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